Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beautiful Day here at Kotta

Love these mornings when it's not to hot at the start of the day and were able to have a good night sleep. 

Winding up the electric fence so the cows can come back in here after milking tonight. 

Love where we live. Farming is a hard gig at times but a great lifestyle when the kids were young. Bit of a juggling act at the moment being teenagers but wouldn't have it any other way. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Diamond Dreams

JJust been doing a spot of quilting and quilt making over the Christmas school holidays.  There should be less running around for the girls.  But the door is like a revolving door with kids coming and going.  But I do like it that way. Love that the girls can have there friends come out and stay. 

I have been needing a quilt for my king size bed for awhile and couldn't decide on the pattern until I seen Rob Appaells U tube clips.  And I found Diamond Dreams.   Loved it and so fabric searching and love the Little Black Dress by Basic Gray. A moda fabric.  I don't like quilting such a big quilt but it's done now and I like the way it has turned out. Now hubby won't be pinching the quilt off me this winter. 

Cheers Kez 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Awesome weekend

Home alone for the day today. Malcolm has take two of the girls away fishing 🎣 for the weekend So it's just Molly and me home. Molly had a party today so what's a girl to do but have a solo swim on a 39' day. So nice. 

The a spot of stitching while watching tennis. It's one of Annie's quilts. I'm on the last block so hope to start putting it together tomorrow as long as I don't get side tracked

Cheers Kez 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Birthday quilt

This is a quilt I made for my girlfriends 50th that was back in May.......  I'm just doing a big of a catch up on quilts that I'm behind in......
The fabric moda  by sweetwater  and the name is elementary
On the back I have put a stripe of the design that was on the front. 

Now on to the next project

Cheers Kez

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My neighbour twins had their 21st a couple on months and this is what I made them.  I have only just finished them 🤗

 I'm still catching up on UFOs. So back to the sewing room for me...............

Loving the colours.  Really good boy colds but can be girl colours too...............

Cheers Kez

Thursday, November 10, 2016

From rain we made hay

A few months back we had so much rain we didn't think it would stop   But this was the result out of it.   It's going to really help us this year and the milk price is crap this year so we have to keep any costs down

But now we are back irritating again as the ground has dried up so fast. We even have cracks in the ground starting to appear again. And we haven't had much hot weather yet.  

Now on the sewing front................

I have made these few quilts for my nephews and niece. I have been a bit behind in the sewing department so I'm having a catch up. Hope they get some good use out of them. I have a few more projects on the go   Just need time to get back into the sewing room. 

Cheers Kez

Friday, September 16, 2016

Rain, Rain, Rain

Not much sewing been happening here at home but I did go to the Adelaide  AMQ and what a fantastic 4 days there  so much information to put into practice  I need a holiday at home by myself.  I would be kicking goals then.  I will upload some pic soon.

We have had more than average rain fall in the couple of month.  But more in the last couple of week.  We are not under water but very very soggy.  I have add a photo of a area that is only 50kms away near Bendigo.  I just feel for those people.

Cheers Kez


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