Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lift my game

Julie and I have gone out on our own in blog land to stop confession, but we still are in business with "Provincial Patch".  Make sure you check out Julie's "Provincial Patch" too.
Now I have to lift my game in blog land.
I have been busy quilting five in July. I have now completed #3 of 5 so I have to keep going while I'm on a role.
This one is the snow ball quilt.  I fell in love with the one Julie made for her little Ellie, I just needed to make one too. Thank you Julie for the ideas.

Now this #2 is the Decadent Victorian I made in May and now I have finally quilted and all finished.

Now this one I have made for a great friend and neighbour's 50th birthday. 


Chookyblue...... said...

good idea girls will make it easier to follow you along......

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hi Kerri, I look at it this way; 2 new blogs to look at instead of 1!
I love looking at pics of quilts so keep up the good work! QGB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know of your new venture. I love all these quilts. I have a jelly roll of Decedent Victorian, so nice to see it made up.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said... your header and as for the quilts....just beautiful, really like what you have done woth the Decadent Victorian...congrats on the finish.

Quilt Nut said...

gorgeous quilts! love your blog

Sheila in Ohio said...

I'm not sure how I ended up at your blog, but I'm glad I did! Are these quilts from 'jelly roll' books?? Very pretty.


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