Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wow A sleepover

Well it all started at 5pm on Saturday afternoon when the girls arrived.  We got all organised.  We headed into town, and the girls had no idea to where we were going (but trying to guess all the way in).  The thought is might had been Mc Donalds but no.  Maybe over to NSW but no.  Then I turned into LaPorchetta ( a pizza restaurant ).  They were so excited .  So we had tea and then went Ten pin bowling which was right next door.  Conni said it was the best birthday she has had  (but she says that every year).

We got home and the girls(all six of then got organised for bed).  Finally they went to sleep.  Im not sure how much I have had.  Always got one eye open incase there is something wrong.  The next morning (as you can see) we had a lot of clean up.  

DH and I got home from the dairy and they were up watching DVD's waiting for there pancakes for breakfast.  Boy did they enjoy them.

Now they have all gone home and now try and get back to normal (what ever normal is).  DH handled having 6 girls in the house quite well considering only have gown up with brothers.
They all had the best time and now planning another sleepover.

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Quilter Going Bananas said...

Your Conni will remember her birthday with fond memories. And sleepovers? One of the best parts of being a girl! We even do it when we're grown up but then we call them quilting retreats!!! Thanks for sharing all the great pics. cheers, QGB


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