Friday, November 7, 2008

New window seats.......

New window seat cushions,  all six of them.  I made these last week with a little help from Lyn (lady from our patchwork group).  The kids are so excited(I think because its new) and now they can sit up here in the morning sun and read or relax or anything.  I might have a go one day at just sitting and stitching there as well.  They are comfortable.  They are in a chocolate brown colour with an embossed pattern in them. 

Do yourself a favor and pop over to Christine blog.  She is having a Anniversary giveaway for 1 year of blogging.  Wow.  And while your there,  check out her fantastic quilt.  She's amazing.


Kimonos and Sushi said...

Well you certainly have been busy since my last visit. I love the Charisma Jelly Roll Quilt I made 2 Moda Jelly Roll Quilts for my 2 sisters as presents. The desk can wait to be tidied we alll need to sew and sew some more.The new cushions are delightful, I can see why you can't wait to do some work in that nook. Andrea:)

Julia said...

Love your window seat...I have always wanted one..
The new cushions are gorgeous

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love the pillows, they make your window seat are more cozy :^)
Were they hard to make?

Robyn said...

Really lovely Kerri...I hope you sit an cuppa there :D ...and stitch too ;)


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