Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scrap challenge for August

I have got my scrap challenge done for August. Jo in Tas has got me motivated and Im trying to catch up on some photos I have done for a while. These are some photos of "Angel" when she was in Prep(first year at school) on sports day. She is now in grade 4.

I made a couple of extra pages to finish off the sports day. I great to get another couple out of the way.

Now Bianca and Julie have organised a challenge too. Since its the first day of spring here in Oz, we are getting organised to do some spring cleaning. So hope you get on board.

Spring Clean 7.

7 jobs in 7 days

If you are up for it drop in and see Bianca.

Now where do I start.

1. Clean my sewing area that I stitch at.
2. Tidy up my sewing/scrappin room (was the office)
3. Plant my 10 standed roses that I brought 3 weeks ago
4. Sort my quilting room.
5. Clean my en-suite cupboards.
6. Clean my walk in robe.
7. Clean the toy room.

Crikey Im going to be here for a month ( or a year). Julie knows what it like.lol . I will blog before and after photos as I get things done


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

My that is a good list. Thanks for joining in. Go Kerri! You can do it!

Jo in TAS said...

Great pages Kerri! I think I ran out of days in August so I'll have to do double the amount for September!

Jo in TAS said...

P.S. I've got no time for spring cleaning :-)

Crispy said...

Great pages, isn't it fun to look back at those old photos?

My whole house needs spring type cleaning. I don't have a sewing room so my whole house tends to look like a quilter lives here LOL.


Myra said...

Great scrap-booking! Something I should make time for... 8-)

Fall time here, so no Spring cleaning for me! lol! Have at'er Kerri! 8-)

Kim D. said...

I should do some spring oh, fall cleaning here.. But I have to hold down my job at reading blogs.. LOL And of course some quilting time in there too..
Happy Cleaning..


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