Friday, November 13, 2009

Where did that last month go???????

Hi Im back. Life isn't getting any less busy. Im off to the Australian Quilt Fair with Julie and suppose to be catching up with a few more blogger too. I soooo excited. It will be an early rise but instead of heading to the dairy to milk the cows, I will be off to the big city.

Also my girls have a dance concert on that night, so I have to be back home to get them ready by 6.15pm. It will be a lovely but busy day. So to top the weekend off, I have Miss M birthday party on Sunday to. She has just turned 9 years old.

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a love day with your friends and family.

Edit: Miss M is in one of her costumes that she will be wearing tomorrow night.

I have been doing a bit of sewing and hope to show you them all next week. Its a bit of a quieter next week. Lots of sewing time I hope.

Have a great weekend.


clare's craftroom said...

Time flies closer to Christmas . My girl is 12 today , happy birthday to both our little ones .

Myra said...

Well, at least it sounds like you are staying out of trouble busy lady!!! 8-)

Happy Birthday to Miss M!

Take care!

Kim D. said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, the photo is too cute. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

You are a busy girl, tracking around the country side. What a lovely photo of your daughter. Hope she enjoys her concert and birthday.

Corrie said...

look at that gorgeous girl!!! thanks for a great day kerri! I had a ball, I've decided you're all my new BFF's (as the young kids of today say)

next year we should definitely do a weekend trip! Julie is very lucky to have you as her friend and business partner!!!!!!!!

enjoy your busy weekend

Sarah said...

Oh and was it a good party today?

Did you catch up with Jo?



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