Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day out in Melbourne

We ventured to Melbourne on Thursday( I think Im still recovering). There was 30 of us (7 Mums and 23 Kids). We head off at 7am to meet the train in Bendigo bound for Melbourne to the Science-works Museum. What a fantastic day we had.

This was the lighting show
And this is Melbourne made out of lego blocks. It was fantastic to see. Everything to detail.
Miss C showing her strength and how much she can pull
Building a bridge with foam bricks and the walking over them.
Miss G making her farm
Miss M spell bound by the spiral wheel

So if you are in Melbourne, do yourself a favor and go and see it. You will need a whole day to take it all in. We will be going back again.


Myra said...

Looks like a great day out! Especially for the kids! 8-)

Julz said...

Sure looks like a great day out. Hugs Jx

Jo in TAS said...

Looks like a fun place to take a bunch of kids!

Tanya said...

Great timing to enthuse me- we (2 adults, 5 kids) are getting on the Nathalia bus at 6.15am this week to catch the train at Shepp to Melbourne to do what you've just done. Glad you think we'll like it. I am slightly daunted!!


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