Saturday, January 2, 2010


We had another 18ml's of rain last night, so things are start to get a bit sticky but not to bad. The sun shinning again today.

The girls were having a day at yabbying with they cousin. The often go out and play around with the yabby nets. They are not to keen to eat them but there are plenty of other people with there hand out.
Miss M is the game one that can get the yabbies out of the net and into the bucket
Miss G is showing us how she catches them.
Miss T (cousin) is wondering what to so next

This is one of the yabbies they court


Margaret said...

After reading your wonderful story about Yabbing the memories flooded back. I have been writing my memoirs for many years now and this is my Yabbie story . Before the Commission houses were built in 1951, from Bond Street to Bell Street Heidelberg were paddocks with an occasional cow grazing. We could walk to Bell street, catch yabbies in the Darebin Creek ride our bikes on the ‘ups and downs’. Audrey once caught enough yabbies to take to the Melbourne zoo and sell. We took the train to the Zoo A man sitting in the same carriage enquired as to what was in the tin on the floor between Audrey’s legs. The yabbies were making an awful noise trying to get out. She answered in a stammering voice yaaabies. I can’t recall how much she was paid. Oh the Halycon days of youth. I just love seeing kids enjoying themselves.

a good yarn said...

Happy New Year! I haven't been yabbying since their age and it is wonderful to see the kids having a go. Ann :-)

Myra said...

I believe your Yabbies are called Crayfish here. Our children used to love catching Crayfish, and one of our camping buddies cooked them up for all to have a taste... not me though! I don't eat what lives in water...
Lots hours of fun for the kiddies! 8-)
Happy new year Kerri!

wonderwoman said...

looks like fun catching them - but i would not want to eat one!!!



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