Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My DD 1 (Angel) is going on a camp to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat today for two nights. She is a bit nervous about going but she will have lots of fun. Very teary (the both of us) but I have to be strong.

They go gold panning, candle making, see the "Blood on the Cross", tour of the Red Hill Mine, go to the lolly shop, and much more.

There is so much to do and see there. Hope she bring home lots of gold. Hope she will be OK. I will miss her.


Lizzie said...

She'll have a ball. I remember my kids going when they were young. Whenever we go to the hill (being local) there are alway groups of noisy, rowdy, happy and giggling school kids filling the lolly shop!!

Jo in TAS said...

Well done Kerri and Angel! I'm sure Angel will have a good time!

a good yarn said...

It's heart-wrenching isn't it? I hope she has a wonderful time - Sovreign Hill is lots of fun. Be strong. Ann :-)

Jodie said...

You should have told me, My daughter works there !


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