Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sssshhhhhh Im suppose to be packing

Im suppose to be packing for our holiday but needed to have some time with my sewing machine to. Not been able to have a sewing machine for 5 weeks is going to be so hard but it will be great to have quality time with the family too.

I made this quilt out of Eva charm squares. Bella was doing the quality check on it.

The backing is a pink marble. It went quite well with it.
This is a bit of the quilting I have done.

I have a few computer problems but hope to have them under control now. I havent been able to comment on any blogs and only seeing half of the blog posts too. We are soon to be off on our travels but I hope to still be able to keep up with everyone goings on when we have service.


Andi said...

Have a fabulous time.
Taking some hand stitching?

Jo in TAS said...

Surely you can hide the machine somewhere in the car??

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Enjoy your holiday - don't forget to save some space for the fabrics and threads you're going to pick up on the way ....

Sarah said...

Hey Kerri! I was only think of you today - wondering when you were leaving and when you were getting back!
I hope you have a wonderful trip and I expect to see lots of wonderful pics when you get back.... or while you are away!
Drive safe
x Sarah

a good yarn said...

Have a wonderful trip! Your quilt is gorgeous - great choice of backing. Ann :-)

Thimbelina said...

Lovely quilt Kerry.... it's not hard to get distracted from packing!

Bec said...

Very nice Kerri, Eva is a gorgeous range.... hope you have a fantastic time away on holiday.


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