Friday, September 17, 2010


Remember this sneak peak

Here is the end result. Well Conni made this one with a little help from me and I made a smaller version of it (but not finished yet). This was made for a apron she had with some online stitching friends.

Very cute. Hope Tink likes it


Julie said...

Thats so cute.

Myra said...

It's darling Kerri! 8-)

Christine M said...

I love the apron. I wear an apron when cooking but couldn't possibly wear one as nice as that. I'd hate it to get dirty!

Aunty said...

A very cute apron. Too beautiful to get dirty cooking.

Margaret said...

It is the little things that count on any work , the cupcakes on your apron have given the apron that little extra pzazz.


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