Thursday, December 30, 2010

So much to catch up on

I will start off with Christmas day.  Well it was my MIL's 80th birthday on Christmas day.  We had all the family there, which was nice for her.  A lovely lunch made by all of the family.  After lunch there was a surprise for the MIL.  BIL friend has a helicopter.  So what would you like to tick off the list before you turn 80.  Yes a helicopter ride.  She had no idea this was to happen (probably better not knowing).  It arrived just after lunch and wasnt hard to talk her into it.  And so up she went.
 Hanging on tight
Not good for the hair do

She had a great time and will remember it forever.  Get story to tell her friends.

Happy Birthday Grandma (MIL)


Vicki said...

Fantastic! My friend's hubby took my Dad out on his Harley for his 80th - still talking about it!

Jo in TAS said...

Fabulous gift!

Sacha said...

Je te souhaite une bonne et très heureuse nouvelle année , que 2011 concrétise tes voeux les plus chers

Terry said...

Go Grandma! :0)

teresa said...

That's awesome! What a brilliant idea for her birthday.


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