Thursday, December 2, 2010

Twice in one year

After the AQM some friends and I flew off to Darwin for a few night.  As usual it was fantastic.  My favourite place.  It is so unpredictable.  Beautiful HOT days with little bits of storms coming through every now and again. 

This is the view from our room that we had to wake up to every morning.  14 of us had a wonderful time and looking forward to do it again. 

The sunsets were just amazing.

We went out on a catamaran one night for tea.  It looked like a storm brewing when we first went out, but it just went around us. We had all sort of fish for tea our boys had caught the day before.

It was so relaxing out there for four hours.

This is the life.

While I was there I caught up with a very busy girl Bianca.  It was so good to see her and her beautiful children.  We had time for a quick lunch, cuppa and chat.  Never long enough thou.  Thanks Bianca for taking some time out to catch up when I know you have a lot to do before your market day.


Chookyblue...... said...

some people have the life.........LOL......Australia sure is a gorgeous place........maybe one day I will make it to Darwin.......

Margaret said...

It is another world at Darwin, I love it two I have been twice once pre Tracy and again about 5 years ago. Loved your photos.

Vicki said...

After all the rushing around, sounds like it was just what you needed, Kerri! I have two married nieces in Darwin, 2 great nephews and another due in late February - one day maybe.....


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