Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family & friends time out

Holidays nearly over here in Victoria.  Its nice to spend some time with my wonderful family and great friends.  It was very relaxing and my girls had so much fun.

They did a spot of fishing, knee boarding and lots of swimming.

This was the girls camp beside our camper trailer

 So all the girls loved this spot.  They all got there swags for christmas.  They look so good dont they?

We still had to milk twice a day, but it was good to look forward to coming back here after each milking.  Hope to do it again soon.


Jo in TAS said...

Love those colourful swags! Looks like a fun time for all :-)

Lynda said...

Great way to spend your holidays Kerri.

Margaret said...

Swimming, knee boarding and milking sounds to goo to be true. I bet the swags are a hit.

Sarah said...

I have never seen a swag like these - so cool.

Chookyblue...... said...

looks like a perfect time to me...........great swags.......


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