Monday, April 2, 2012

Have a play with some fabrics

I have a few friends and family having baby around this time and thought I should get some quilts done. So today was play day with some fabric. Need to make a few boys and girls ones to have just in case.
This is "Sunkissed" by Sweetwater

One made out of "Pure" by Sweetwater.

This is also "Sunkissed" by Sweetwater

Just playing with a few different pattern designs. What do you think??


By Hoki Quilts said...

Hey girlfriend I wanna know how come you have time to play with fabric when I'm running around trying to finish a mountian of UFO's and those are only the ones I haven't hidden deeply?
Good on you xx

Fiona said...

I think they're lovely Kez and they will be happy to treceive them. Happy playing.

Hugs - Fee X

Marilyn said...

Looking gorgeous. Perfect for baby quilts.

Lynda said...

They look lovely Kerri.

Jo in TAS said...

Love the sunkissed triangles :-)

Jo in TAS said...

Love the sunkissed triangles :-)

De said...

Looking good! :)

Sarah said...

They are GREAT!

I think the babies are very lucky

Dawn said... the Pure one...but sunkissed is nice too...want to come sew at my place...sure could do with the company x x

Anonymous said...

Love the sewing you've been doing :) Very noice !!!!


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