Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Its finally to its right place

 I was asked by a friend to make a quilt for her to give to a friend.  Didnt want to do it but after a lot of pleading I gave in (It took her over a year of begging).  
Life at the moment is so busy with the girls and everyone said it will get busier and I didn't believe it but it sure does.  So to fit a quilt in as well as all the other things I'm trying to get done was crazy.

This is the work in progress.  The quilt top got started.  It stayed like that for awhile before I got it onto the quilt machine.

 Then got it to the quilt machine because she wanted it soon.  Then the quilt machine didn't want to be nice either.  So a few phone calls and the off to the sew machine mechanic.  Then a few more issues when I got it back, and a few calls to Dawn again(no wonder she had a headache) and then quilted and sent just in time.

 And now resting in its new home.


Margaret said...

And doesn't it look beautiful and a treasure for years to come.

Vicki said...

And it was worth all the trouble, Kerri - sure looks great and i bet she is thrilled to bits with it!

By Hoki Quilts said...

OMG Kerri - now just where do you find all those extra hours in every day? taht quilt is just gorgeous and the quilt Diva, dawn has made it even better - well done to you both.

De said...

Looks fantastic Kerri...job well done!

Sarah said...

Just gorgeous Kez! You are a good friend :+)
x Sarah
PS: You still having probs with your frame?

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, even with the dramas :)


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