Monday, August 26, 2013

A bit of a catch up

Birthdays come and go so quick nowadays but its nice to have a reason to celebrate any occasion.  

I received these gorgeous gifts from beautiful friends that I met blogging and now are classed as my close friends.  Its great to have a chat with people that are like minded.  Some of them I feel like I have know them all my life. 

This is a bundle of goodies I received from Chookyblue on behalf of an online group
 "Friends in Stitching"
I have been so spoilt.  Thanks you so much Chooky, they are all so gorgeous. You cards I have been eying off for so long and now I wont want to part with them.
 Your gorgeous frame in hanging in my sewing room along with the tread catcher.  The sewing bag lives next to my chair that I sit to sew on at night.  And I just love the quilt that is on the card.  Thank you so much.  Love them all.
 This is what arrived across the ditch from Tassie.  My sweet friend Jo made a great wall hanging for my sewing room.  As you can see its already hanging on my sewing room door. 
 Along with a pair of travel scissors.  Very handy.  I hope to use them soon.
 As well as a gorgeous handmade card.  Very clever Jo.  Love it.  Great keepsake for me

Thank you to all my gorgeous friends, for making me feel very special on my birthday ( nearly a month ago).


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kez,lovely gifts you have received and i love chooky's cards,they are very special and you will find them hard to part with.xx

Jo in TAS said...

Love ya xxx

Chookyblue...... said...

it was great to make a present for you...........glad you like it........enjoy....


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