Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just cruising.

Now this is when it got real.  Very excited by this time.  Very big boat.  This is our home for the next 8 nights.  Our cabin was in the middle of the boat.  So that probably help me as I do get motion sickness.  But I felt pretty good all trip.  Didnt have to take any medication at all.  Just thoroughly enjoyed it.  Very relaxing and great company.
  Opera House from the deck. 
Views from our balcony when we got on board.
We went with another couple and there 3 teenagers.  So much fun.  We want to go back and maybe longer.  Its good to do a short one first but when it was time to leave we knew we would be back.
Time to relax.  Had many of these over the 9 days aboard.

Needs to be longer.  More photo soon


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