Monday, August 3, 2009

Xmas Decoration Swap

One of my "angels" have been lucky enough to be invited to join a wonderful xmas swap in July organised by Fairy girl and Chookyblue. Thank you so much. She loved making them and being able to play on the sewing machine. (Now I need and bigger table for two machines).

This is what Fairy Girl made for the xmas tree less the packet of smarties(yum)

And Tink made this ready to hang on the door.
And Jessie Girl made this for the tree for xmas

This is what Angel made and cant wait for the next chance to play on the sewing machine again. She was so excited and love them all. Took them to school and show all her friends. Thanks again Fairy Girl for a great swap.


The girls did a great job of their xmas decorations and hope to get to some more.

Sorry I didnt get to blog them on sooner. We have all been struck down with the colds that are going around. I think Im in for it for the second time. Fiona I hope you are over it. Thanks for sharing. lol


wonderwoman said...

they are all sooo lovely, i especially like the heart hanging.
hope you feel better soon.

a good yarn said...

I do hope you all feel better soon. Plenty of hot lemon and honey and lots of rest. Your girls have made wonderful Christmas decorations. Well done girls! Ann :)

Bec said...

Jessie Girl enjoyed the swap and getting them in the mail. Her eyes were popping just now seeing them online! (very excited). Angel did a fabulous job on the stockings!

Cardygirl said...

The mini stitchers have done so well with their decorations

Anonymous said...

wonderful to get the kids crafting they di a great job.


Chookyblue...... said...

no rush on the posting...........the girls all enjoyed the swap.......what can we cope with next........

Crispy said...

What wonderful decorations they made. They will look so pretty on the tree, Well Done Ladies!!


Kim D. said...

Very cute decorations, hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind in my blogging Kerri,
LOL! I'm glad you loved me sharing my flu with you.... Had to give it away to someone. Hope your household is all well. My daughter has another cold. Crossing my fingers that it isn't starting all over again.

Anonymous said...

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