Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wow, Saturday

Wow. It has been so much fun. I left home at 6am to catch a train for Bendigo to Melbourne for the trade fair. The people you meet. WOW. Jodie, a laugh a minute. Jo in Tas, Lovely to finally meet her in person Andi my PIF participant ( Lovely lady , Corrie the little pocket rocket (amazing lady too. Always on a mission), Annie what can I say (Im not Ronda lol) So nice to meet and my lovely business partner, Julie Thanks girls for a wonderful day

So much fun and funny people you meet
This is one of Natalie quilts that I have been wanting to make( sorry for the blurry photo) . Now I have the pattern , I will have to put it on the list of things to do
I got back on the train to get home for my girls dance concert. They did a wonderful job entertaining us.


Annie said...

Lovely to meet you too Kerri, now you are a real person to me. Sorry I misread your tag as Rhonda. What WAS I thinking!!!!

Chookyblue...... said...

oh you met my great blog buddies Annie and jodie..........pleased you had such a good time.........

Corrie said...

wasn't it a gorgeous day! gosh I had a ball too! so lovely to meet you and it was so much fun!

pool party looks fab..I can't wait till keira can have pool parties here and your dancing girls are gorgeous! we're up tonight and tomorrow...i can't wait to see keira all dolled up in makeup...since she's only 3!!!!!!

hope you get some quilting time now while the motivation is high!

Jo in TAS said...

So great to finally meet face to face! I could've sat there all day chatting with you all, it was like to meeting long lost friends :-)


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